Nature Knows Sweet

This was our challenge: Create a
calorie-free sweetener that tastes like
sugar—and do it with no artificial
ingredients. Not an easy task, so we turned
to the place that does sweetness naturally:
nature. We found our inspiration in the
monk fruit, which has been cultivated in
remote mountain regions for hundreds of
years. Turns out, the extract of this little
green melon is perfect for sweetening
foods and beverages because it's 150
times sweeter than sugar without all the
calories. A little goes a long way! The
extract is then blended with other natural
sweeteners to create NECTRESSE™
Sweetener. The result isn't just another
sweetener, but one that is 100% natural
with zero calories per serving and the rich,
sweet taste of sugar. We think it's exactly
what sweet should be.

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The Secret Behind the Sweet: Monk Fruit

  • Pick

    The monk fruit is picked
    fresh from the vine

  • Crush

    The fruit is then crushed to
    access the sweet extract

  • infuse

    The crushed fruit is then
    soaked in hot water to
    release its sweetness

  • Dry

    The monk fruit-infused water is
    filtered and dried to create
    monk fruit extract

  • Blend

    The extract is then blended with
    other natural sweeteners to create
    NECTRESSE™ Sweetener

Here's to Your Health

Most people love sweet food. That's a fact
that isn't likely to change. But what we
can help to change is the way people
sweeten their foods—with all-natural
NECTRESSE™ Sweetener. It has the rich,
sweet taste of sugar, without all of the
calories, making it ideal for people who
want to reduce added sugar intake—or
simply eat a little healthier. Learn More >

Nutritionists and healthcare professionals
can find out everything they need to know here >

From the Makers of Splenda Sweeteners

NECTRESSE™ Sweetener is made by the same people
who brought you one of the most popular sweeteners
of all time, SPLENDA® Sweeteners.

The Monk Fruit Movement

We're not the only ones excited about the potential of monk
fruit extract sweetener. Discover other brands that have
joined the movement and check back often for the
latest news. Learn More >

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